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Welcome to Chillicothe and the City Auditor’s page. The City Auditor is an elected official who serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer for the city. As Chief Fiscal Officer, the City Auditor is responsible for maintaining a fiscally sound government that conforms to generally accepted accounting, legal and management principles. The City Auditor also supervises the Income Tax Department. First and foremost the goal of the Auditor’s office is to serve the citizens of the City of Chillicothe; never hesitate to call, email or stop in with your questions and comments.


Website Announcement:

The City Auditor is pleased to announce the launch of OpenGov, a financial analysis platform that provides residents, elected officials and staff unprecedented access to the City’s finances. The powerful web-based platform transforms complex financial data into an interactive, digital format that enables better analysis and understanding of the City’s finances. The intuitive design makes it easier to explore how taxpayer money is collected and spent.

The site can be found at

At Chillicothe’s OpenGov website users can view historical revenue and expenditure trends over time and explore multiple views of financial data, including by fund, department, expense, or revenue type. The current year report provides insight into spending and revenues year-to-date. For example, visitors to the platform may answer frequently asked questions such as “How much money is allocated each year to street repair?” or “How is the General Fund Revenue utilized?”




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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay property taxes?

The Ross County Treasurer's Office collects payment for property taxes. If you have questions about your property taxes please contact:

Ross County Treasurer's Office
Phone: 740.702.3080
Fax: 740.722.6748

Where do I get yard sale permits and how much are they?

The City of Chillicothe Auditor's office provides yard sale permits for $5.00 if it is your first or second yard sale. If it is not your first or second yard sale you must pay $20.00 for a permit.

How many yard sales can I have per year and how many days can it last?

You can have a maximum of four yard sales per year on a single parcel. The yard sale cannot exceed a consecutive three day period.

Where do I get local tax information?

To get contact information for the Income Tax Department please click here.

Where do I go to pay or start utilities?

The City of Chillicothe Utilities and Water Department will assist you with your utility needs.

Where do I go to pay traffic tickets?

The Municipal Court takes care of traffic tickets, fines, or civil complaints.

Ross County Municipal Court
Phone: 740.773.3515
Fax: 740.774.1101

Where do I obtain a vendor's license?

Vendor's Licenses are acquired through the Auditors Office.
Ross County Auditor's Office
Phone: 740.702.3080
Fax: 740.772.6748

Where do I report nuisances?

The Safety and Services Department handles nuisance reports.

Where do I return job applications?

Applications can be returned to the Human Resources Office.

Where can I send donations?

Donations can be sent to the City of Chillicothe Auditor's Office.

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