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Safety and Service Director


No Image AvailableRichard Johnson

Interim City Engineer

Phone: 740.773.8981

No Image AvailableDavid Fishel

Utilities Director

Phone: 740.773.1932

No Image AvailableKristal Spetnagel

City Auditor

Phone: 740.775-3955

No Image Available

Parks and Recreation Director


No Image AvailableKeith Washburn

Police Chief

Phone: 740.773.1191

No Image AvailableDonna Schinkle

Transit Director

Phone: 740.773.1569

No Image AvailableTamra Lowe

Human Resources Director

Phone: 740.773.1211

No Image AvailableJeff Creed

Fire Chief

Phone: 740.773.2212

No Image AvailableJulie Parker

Income Tax Auditor

Phone: 740.773.1161

No Image AvailableTamra Lowe

EEO/Fair Housing

Phone: 740.773.8033

No Image AvailableJudge Toni Eddy

Muncipal Court #1

No Image AvailableJudge John B. Street

Municipal Court #2

No Image AvailableLisa Large

Municipal Court Clerk


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